Nieuws - 22 augustus 2012

AID 2012 gets a high score of 8.5

The closing party has yet to begin, but the new first-years have already given the thumbs up for the Annual Introduction Days. The new students gathered around the info-mart yesterday gave AID 2012 an average score of 8.2.

This little AID group has become inseparable since last Friday afternoon.
This came out of a mini survey held by Resource among a number of visitors at the Resource info-stand. Almost 75 AID participants filled in the survey form.
The students gave top marks for having their own little groups and meeting new people during the parties and activities. Relaxing in the park, talking and partying together, some groups have become inseparable since Friday afternoon. A student: 'Being part of a little group which is enthusiastic and close-knit makes everything about the AID nice.' Another favourite among many students was the swimming pool party organized by Ceres.
Most of the complaints concerned the sports day. Not so much because of the way it went, but because of the heat.  'What a pity that it was so hot; we only stayed for a while.' The sprinklers on the sports field did make amends for many wrongs after all the sports activities were over.
A number of students also grumbled about having to get up early in the morning, especially after late-night parties. It would be nice to have some time to recover and a good rest, lamented a tired AID participant.