News - December 4, 2008


The Joint Student Staff Council (GV) voted on Tuesday 2 December in favour of a new career policy for academic staff. University lecturers will be assessed every three years, and if they perform well, they will become full professors after twelve years. If not, they’ll have to leave.

From 1 January, a new assistant profesor will receive intensive supervision and will be assessed every three years by an academic committee. After six years the decision will fall: either stop or be appointed associate professor (universitair hoofddocent). If you’re still good enough six years later, you’ll be appointed to a five-year personal chair. Assessment will be based on five criteria: research, education, leadership and collaboration, networking, and ability to attract funding. Current staff can join the new career track too. The management of the knowledge units will inform their staff about this at the beginning of January. The system is very similar to the tenure track system in the United States, and its aim is to raise academic standards.