Nieuws - 23 februari 2012

A tribute to the magical film


What? Hugo (in 3D)
Where? The Heerenstraat cinema, Wageningen
When? Just launched in premiere
Tip from Marlou Bijlsma, student of Nutrition and Health

‘It's always nice to go to the cinema. And especially if you are going to a great- sounding film with 11 Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe for best director (Martin Scorsese), and in 3D as well. As I can't see depth anyway, that is of no use to me, but that doesn't make Hugo any less vivid.
Hugo is about a little boy who lives among clocks on a Paris railway station in 1933. His father has died, which is sad for Hugo, but also for the women in the audience, since he is played by Jude Law, no less! Hugo's only memento of his father is an automaton, a kind of robot that he tries to mend in search of a message from his father. This is where toyshop owner Georges Méliès comes into the picture. He turns out later to be a famous filmmaker. And Hugo is a tribute to the magical films of the old days, as well as to film pioneer Georges Méliès (1861-1931). The story is a little slow and longwinded here and there. But when he says ‘Happy endings only happen in the movies', Georges Méliès is certainly right!'