Student - 29 juni 2017

A respected dishwasher


Some time ago I started working part-time alongside my studies. I work as a dishwasher at a cafe in the town centre. I was overwhelmed by the homely feeling I get every time I’m there. I get really nice dinners and eat with the cooks and sometimes the owner too. That would never happen in my country.

Illustratie: Henk van Ruitenbeek

Sometimes it can be really busy at work and I have to work really hard. That’s the moment that people around me make me feel better by offering a drink or something nice to eat. Sometimes the waitresses surprise me with an unexpected tip. The Dutch are very friendly and help me with practising my Dutch without making fun of my accent.

In India, I would be looked down upon, working as a dishwasher. Such jobs are low-paid and not respected. An owner will not usually talk to a dishwasher in a friendly way and I have never seen a dishwasher eating at the same table as the owner and sharing his thoughts and experiences. If it is busy or someone didn’t turn up for work , the owner of the restaurant I work in sometimes even washes the dishes, works behind the bar or cooks. That is something that would never happen in my society.

No job is low here. I like this way of thinking and wish my country too would treat all people respectfully

In India, I would probably try to hide a dishwashing job from my parents and family. But when I tell my Dutch friends about my work they really appreciate it. No job is low here. I like this way of thinking and wish my country too would treat people at all levels respectfully.
And the wage rate is nice here too. I recently bought a new MacBook Pro from the money I earned working as a dishwasher. Cool, isn’t it?

Amit Choudhary, MSc student of Management, Economics and Consumer Studies, from India

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NL: Geen baan is laag

Als hij het druk heeft, brengen zijn collega’s hem iets lekkers. Ze leren hem Nederlands zonder om zijn accent te lachen en hij eet samen met de koks en soms zelfs de eigenaar. Amit Choudhary is aangenaam getroffen door de respectvolle behandeling die hem als afwasser in een Wageningse café-restaurant ten deel valt. ‘Dat zou in India nooit gebeuren. Daar zouden mensen op me neerkijken. Maar in Nederland is geen enkele baan laag.’ En het loon is trouwens ook niet laag; hij heeft er net een MacBook Pro van gekocht.

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  • Vikram

    Nice brother. I work at Petrol Station as well doing including cleaning toilets and pumps and I am damn proud of it and believe God has put me here for a reason.

    Forget India and Indian culture. I am ethnically Indian but to be honest Indian culture is shit, looks down on people and jobs, brandishes people who are doing jobs like as dirty.

    Keep going brother and whenever the things get rough always remember God who knows everything including how hard you are working and how rough the going is and God will always always help you. I have seen it in my life.