Nieuws - 26 augustus 2009

A renewed Resource

Resource was Wageningen UR’s weekly paper. From now on, it’s a biweekly magazine and an up-to-date site. And it’s bilingual.

 Last year we consulted dozens of students, staff members, internet gurus and magazine publishers. This website is the main result. We want to make better use of what the web can offer: our new site is faster and more interactive. On it you can announce lectures and clubs, look for a room or a bike, post photos … and of course comment on our articles. News is published here twice a day.
For the confirmed print reader we’ll summarize the main news in the biweekly magazine. The new-look mag also has plenty of space for more in-depth articles and pictures. We’re launching a few new regular features. In Typical Dutch, foreign students and staff can let off steam about Dutch customs. Liefdewerk (Labour of love) portrays people with a passion –their hobbies rather than their jobs. Wageningen UR is hot on nutrition research so a cookery column seemed a good idea. With dishes that reflect the latest research of course!
On the back page the editors will be recommending (or not) lectures, workshops, theatre or films. Go or No go! A full agenda can be found on the site. As for announcements, clubs and departments can use the site. Obituaries will still be in the magazine, as will announcements about prizewinners.
The magazine is printed on FSC (Forest stewardship council) certified paper that doesn’t come from illegal logging or ecologically valuable forests. Subscribers will get their Resource wrapped in biodegradable plastic.
Because you can’t serve the whole WUR community with one language, articles will be translated into English. Just a brief summary in the magazine and the full text on the site. Dutch remains the main language as it is the first language of most of our readers.
And so we hope to get closer to our aim: connecting students and staff by alerting them, informing them and offering opinions. We want to be accessible, provocative and clear. Do we succeed? Respond to this article at Comment below. /Gaby van Caulil, editor-in-chief