Nieuws - 5 juli 2012

A real Wageningen festival

What? Bergpop
When? 7 July from 16.00 hours till midnight. Then the afterparty.
Who? Acts include Capeman, Guy Corneille and Wooden Constructions.
Where? Behind De Zaaier café
Cost? Free

Impression Bergpop 2011
The end of the academic year is nigh. The last exams take place this week and the final deadlines are upon you. Once it's all over, you can relax at the free Bergpop festival. Come and enjoy up-and-coming talents, warm beer and a nice atmosphere behind De Zaaier café.
A few tips: for lovers of quieter styles, singer-songwriter Guy Corneille will be playing at around six. For the more mainstream festivalgoer, Capeman (who will be at Sziget too this year) will rock the evening to a close. And anyone looking for something more exciting should come and hear Wooden Constructions. This band gave a weird CD presentation, dedicating their new record to a nonexistent Mexican astronaut. They play post-punk with echoes of Joy Division and their energetic frontman will undoubtedly create a great atmosphere.  Enjoy!