Nieuws - 5 april 2012

‘A place of our own at last'

Who? Mies van Aar
What? Chair of Unitas Youth Club in Wageningen
Why? Unitas got the keys of its new clubhouse on the Industrieweg on Sunday 1 April

Your own place at last...
‘Yes, we are all very excited! We haven't had a building of our own for nearly three years, so we were very ready for the move. Last year we were at the WSO offices in Arion. It was sometimes difficult to book rooms because there were other organizations in the building too. And the big room only had space for 50 people, whereas we have 200 members. Now at least we have space for everyone if we want to run a film evening, for example.'
Are you going to give a big housewarming party?
‘No, we have decided to move into our new building without a big fuss. We are going to organize a members' evening, but for open parties we will be keeping to external venues for the time being. Eventually we can throw parties here, since there used to be a dance school here and after that a party centre, so we have enough space, a bar and a DJ booth. We still need to adapt it to our own taste, though.'
Is the neighbourhood happy to have you as new neighbours?
‘We know that a few of our neighbours objected to our coming, but we also get plenty of positive responses. Of course we will provide a lot of fun here. And for young people it is great, of course, if a youth club opens on your street. We certainly want to avoid being a nuisance and we hope to make a positive contribution to neighbourhood life.'