News - September 7, 2011

A must-see opening

In China, the opening ceremony of the academic year is one of the dreariest occasions at campus people never want to attend. Unfortunately students are forced to be there most of the time. Before the opening of academic year of Wageningen uni, I thought that the Dutch version would be no better than the Chinese. But afterwards I changed my mind.

What do you think of my looks?
Flip-flop are not out of bounds
Thanks to my job in Student Council I had the honor of attending the opening on Monday. But my twisted ankle didn't allow me to wear shoes so that I dressed up like a freak: a suit with a pair of flip-flops. Yes, flip-flops. While wearing slippers then shaking hands with dear Rector Magnificus in a robe at the entrance of Aula, I was wondering why no security men there attempted to strip my admittance off. 'Come on, this is not China,' I answered my question by a self-talk.

A free lesson to learn oration
In my book one of the scarcest gifts is to talk a lot without saying anything. To learn to be that kind of person, I couldn't find a better lesson than the trilogy speech "the Golden Triangle" delivered in the opening. I even made some notes, but maybe it's just an affectation: a manager of a renowned company was then sitting next to me, I wanted to leave him with some good impression.
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Even without knowing their names I'm sure there were lots of personages at that opening; there was a place where you might come across your future boss. Besides the manager mentioned above, during the reception I talked to people from all walks of life, including a professor from HK, by chance who came from my hometown. I bet you never imagined this ceremony could be used as a job-hunting field, did you?

Do you have a mind to be there next year? Anyway, I've determined to subscribe for this must-see in 2012. Just hope then you won't see me in flip-flops again.

Vid of the Week: Speaking of job hunting, I recommended you this clip.