Nieuws - 10 september 2009

‘A lot of love and patience goes into a cake like this’

As a child, she baked apple pies and sausage rolls with her Grandpa. So baking is in the family.

At communication services no party goes by without one of Jodi van Leusden’s cakes. It started three years ago, when she organized the Inspiration Day and provided the cakes. It grew into a small business, now complete with brochure and delivery service. Strawberry cream tart, toffee cheesecake, brownie muffins: take your pick. At least once a week, she spends half a day or more baking three or four cakes. They sell for 12.50 to 15.00 euros.  ‘You can’t charge for all the time you put into it. That is where the passion comes in.’