News - November 10, 2009

'A good move but a tall order'

Employees at the Dreijen are happy with the planned new complex for AFSG. However, they consider that 2013 is too ambitious. 'It's more likely to be 2014.'

'A good move', says Rolf Martijn, programme director for the subject Nutrition & Health. 'It has been a long series of delays, but luckily, better late than never. I'm curious about the construction budget. We have specific requirements when it comes to lab space and equipment.'
Martijn finds that 2013 is a tall order. 'I compare this to the new undergraduate building Orion which has been planned for the end of 2012 or early 2013. I'm part of Orion's education working group and realize that the preliminary design is very time-consuming. I think that the requirements for the uni-location for AFSG will be more complex.'
Fré Pepping, secretary to the graduate school VLAG, also finds 2013 a tall order. 'It's more likely to be 2014 of course. But it's a good thing that the decision has been made. I'm 56 and a half, and have always thought that I won't be part of the move to the campus. But I'm going to make it after all!'
Analyst Wilma Hazeleger of the Laboratory of Food Microbiology already knows that she will move to the campus. 'We will move to the complex Atrium/Technotron, perhaps in 2012. Anyway, the decision is well-taken, even for Food Microbiology. It's good that we will be located together: the researchers as well as the students. Great.'
For Marcel Zwietering, professor of food microbiology, the decision doesn't change things very much either. 'We'll be moving to Atrium/Technotron in mid 2012 in any case. But it's ideal that nutrition, microbiology and toxicology will be located together. I think that it's important to keep the transition period from mid 2012 till the move of the rest of AFSG to the new complex as short as possible. It's very demoralizing to be the only group left on one floor, especially in an old and deserted building.'