Nieuws - 20 oktober 2010

A canteen with style

I am: at the Grand Café in the Forum. Having boasted as many as three student canteens for years, Wageningen has felt a bit deprived recently. The Forum is trying to fill the gap by serving hot evening meals at a student rate: 3.95 euros for a main course, and soup and dessert for one euro a piece.

I eat: vegetable soup, chili con carne with white rice and salad, and vanilla vla with a fruit sauce and whipped cream for dessert.
I taste: not exactly haute cuisine, but that's as close to a criticism of the Forum food as you could get. It all tastes just fine, and it even feels a bit like being in a restaurant. What with the bottles of mineral water and red wine on the table, and the vanilla vla with a good blob of whipped cream served like a cappuccino in the appropriate cup. And if you want, you can round off your meal with a latte macchiato. This is a canteen with style.
I get: waiter service, just like last time at the Bongerd! I'm not quite used to this, but it's ideal for those who are in a hurry and want to get back to their books within ten minutes. I have never been served so fast in a restaurant.
I think: it's a practically perfect dining option for groups as well as individuals, for clubs, couples, and Forum staff. But it's not exactly round the corner for all of us, unfortunately. And you do have to pay a bit for that style.
Grade: 8+