Nieuws - 2 april 2009


The new education building is going to be called Orion, the executive board decided last Monday on the advice of the education work group. Several roads on campus will be getting new names as well.

Orion is a mighty hunter in Greek mythology, and a clear constellation in the winter sky. Other possible names for the second education building were Forum II, Agora, Acropolis and Helios. The board thought Forum II was unimaginative, and Agora is already in use for the VHL building in Leeuwarden. There weren’t many votes for Acropolis or Helios either.

Meanwhile, Wageningen municipal council has decided to change the names of the roads on campus. De Bornsesteeg and the eastern end of De Droevendaalsesteeg will keep their names. But near the Agrotechnion, De Droevendaalsesteeg will become De Bornse Weilanden. Orion will be on De Goor. The roads at the western end of the campus, now Born Zuid, will be called Akkermaalsbos, Vijfde Polder, De Elst and Stippeneng. These cultural-historical names were lined up by Luuk Keunen of the Wageningen chair group Social-spatial analysis. The new names and postcodes will be introduced after the Plant Sciences Group has moved, probably on 1 September.