Nieuws - 9 februari 2012

50 million less for DLO

- Cabinet is scrapping 400 million in funds for science.
- University in the clear for the time being.

The government will be making severe cuts in science research funding over the next few years. There will be 400 million less for research between 2012 and 2016, with 50 million of that coming from the DLO institutes, says the Rathenau Institute, which has calculated the effects of measures in the coalition agreement.
That 400 million comes on top of the 300 million in cuts over recent years. It is not yet clear what the implications of the measures will be for organizations like DLO, TNO and ECN. Minister Verhagen has set up a priority sector policy in which government and businesses are to join forces in investing in knowledge. Verhagen is giving businesses tax allowances totalling 500 million if they invest more in knowledge. That should compensate for the cut of 400 million in government funding.
Expenditure on universities will remain untouched for the years ahead. The universities will get combined funding of 2.3 billion this year, rising to 2.4 billion in 2016. The cabinet is considering more cutbacks, however.