News - May 19, 2016

‘3700 participants already after one week’

Who? Hans Farjon, landscape and spatial planning researcher
What? Launched the HappyHier app
Where? Vroege Vogels radio programme and various regional broadcasters

How happy are you personally?

‘I’ll just grab the app. I’ve now filled in 12 days. I’m happiest when surrounded by greenery and water: eight out of ten. I am also happy when I go out, go shopping or do things outside the house. All sevens and eights.’

How does the app score?

‘The app has been downloaded 5000 times. 3700 people have filled in the initial questionnaire so are basically participating. After one week, that has already resulted in 34,000 completed questionnaires. That’s an awful lot; not what I’d expected to be honest. The geographical spread could be better: the provinces of Zeeland and Limburg are not doing so well.’

How have the media and general public reacted?

‘People think it’s fun contributing to research. It brings something out in them. After the launch on Vroege Vogels, I did a lot of nice interviews, in particular for regional broadcasters. The app is available for downloading until the end of this month and can be used up to the end of June.’