Student - December 10, 2018

2600 euros for Serious Request

Echica van Kelle

The Student Desk of the Red Cross Wageningen raised about 2600 euros for Serious Request. The money will be used for natural disaster relief.

© Student Desk Red Cross

Serious Request bierkratjes.PNG

Last year, the students of Red Cross Wageningen raised around 3900 euros. ‘We hoped to exceed that, but as we had much less time to organise this year, we are still satisfied’, says Nina Jager, member of the Serious Request Committee. ‘The money we raised could be used for alarm systems that warn people of an impending or current disaster. It would allow them to seek refuge in time.’

Money was raised during a band night, a pub quiz, a karaoke night and a party at Nji-Sri. ‘The line in front of Nji-Sri reached up to the Hoogstraat; that was beautiful. But the highest amount was eventually raised during the pub quiz at the Doctor. The admission of five euros, topped by 20 percent of the turnover for drinks, was donated to charity.’ The students also went by student houses to pick up empty beer crates and sold second-hand clothing in Forum during the Saturday market.

This year, the Serious Request DJs (link in Dutch) are no longer in a glass house, but instead, they travel the country. On 23 December, they will visit Wageningen, at which time the committee will transfer the money.

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