Nieuws - 18 januari 2011

187,340 euros to be maximum wage for administrators

Top administrators of applied sciences universities and universities will soon not be allowed to earn more than 187,340 euros per year. Should this happen, the minister can recover the excess wages from them.

This is stated in the bill to standardize wages for top officers in the public and semi public sector which Minister Donner of internal affairs submitted to the Dutch parliament on 14 January. Professors will not come under this ruling.
According to the bill, the administrators may additionally be paid a cost reimbursement of 7559 euros above the gross salary of 187,340 euros (130 percent of a minister's salary) per year. The maximum pension premium allowed will be 28,767 euros; the severance pay will be limited to a maximum of 75,000 euros. These maximum amounts will be determined each year by the minister and will be raised according to the wage increase percentage of government servants.
The ruling will apply to the public and semi public sector which - besides education - also includes the public broadcasting and housing corporations. There will be other rules for the healthcare sector and university hospitals.
Before this, there was only a publicly stated standard for salaries in the semi public sector: 188,000 euros; in 2009, 55 administrators in higher education earned more than this standard.