Nieuws - 18 november 2011

16,000 new rooms for students

Students in university towns will have a total of 16,000 extra rooms by 2013. Student housing providers and property developers have reached an agreement with the government.

The 16,000 extra units from these student housing providers, jointly known as Kences, will cost one billion euros. Furthermore, Kences and Vastgoed Belang, which represents private landlords, want to set up an investment or obligation fund to acquire another 1 billion euros for student housing.
To ease the construction of these housing units, the government and the various municipalities will reduce the number of building regulations. Converting office space into student accommodation will become easier, and the minimum area of a room will be lowered from 24 to 18 square metres. In addition, land-use plans can be put on hold for ten years instead of five in order to fulfil a requirement for temporary housing. This extension will benefit property owners who want to use their premises for temporary housing. To improve room allocation to international students, the government will draw up a new rental form: the short stay contract. According to prognoses, the number of students in the Netherlands will keep increasing in the coming years.
How many extra units these measures will bring about in Wageningen is still unknown. Idealis will build student units at Rijnsteeg and in Kortenoord, and is looking into the construction of 150 student units and office space on the former Van de Kolk location in the centre of Wageningen. However, Idealis is not interested in building four hundred student units on Wageningen campus. As such, the university is negotiating with other parties to build these units.