Nieuws - 30 november 2009

12.5 million construction stimulation for green higher education

The green universities of applied sciences and Wageningen University will receive a total of 12.5 million euros from the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. This one-off sum of money is for furnishing buildings in a sustainable way.

About 10 million euros are meant for developing the 'School as a Knowledge Centre', a concept which combines the aspects of education, research and practice within the green applied sciences universities. The money may be used for sustainable and energy-saving installations in buildings, new work and teaching areas and housing for lecturers and for facilities for applied and innovative research.
According to a press release from the ministry, the money can, for example, be pumped into Wageningen Campus or the Delta Academy and Dairy Valley of Van Hall Larenstein.
The remaining 2.5 million euros will be used for strengthening green education in the urban conglomerates. A sustainable, viable and healthy city, according to minister Gerda Verburg, begins with the visibility and reputation of its green education. By catering to issues such as healthy diet and city greenery, green education would be able to attract new groups of students.
Minister Verburg releases the sum of 12.5 million euros as part of the anti-crisis measures. The cabinet also wants to stimulate construction activities for a sustainable and renewable knowledge economy. The organizations which will receive the money are Van Hall Larenstein, Wageningen University, and the universities of applied sciences Stoas,  CAH Dronten , HAS Den Bosch and INHolland.