Nieuws - 18 april 1996

Urban environmental management almost recognized

Urban environmental management almost recognized

In a memo to the Executive Board of WAU the Standing Committee on Education has indicated that it sees no impediments to recognition of the Urban Environmental Management programme as a joint activity of the Institute for Housing Studies and WAU. After assessing the structure and contents of the programme, the committee will agree to include the EUM programme in the MSc study guide as the thirteenth WAU MSc programme.

Although the programme started in September 1995, up until now it has formally been an activity of the Institute for Housing Studies, to which individual WAU members of staff contributed.

The Standing Committee's only comment is on the total absence of optional courses in the EUM programme. They admit, however, that this is virtually impossible to realize in MSc programmes which fall under two institutes. The committee adds that in individual cases after consultation with the programme director and approval by the examination committee, students may be allowed to choose outside the prescribed courses.

Pending official approval by the Board and University Council, participating students will be entitled to receive an MSc degree at their graduation in 1997.