Student - November 30, 2017

Tap is turned off at the International Club

Linda van der Nat

The International Club at the Marijkeweg is not allowed to serve alcohol until 24 January. Wageningen municipality says there is a problem with the club’s food and beverages license.

© Sven Menschel

The municipality has slapped this penalty on the International Club Association (ICA) because the club did not meet all the requirements for a food and beverages licence, says spokesperson Pauline van Roekel. In De Gelderlander newspaper, the municipality denies rumours that the penalty has been imposed because the club was serving alcohol to minors.

According to ICA spokesperson Kitty Cruden, the licence was not extended because the ventilation system is out of order. The bar has also undergone minor renovations which mean the license should be adjusted.

According to Van Roekel, there has been ‘frequent’ consultation with the International Club, but this did not result in a complete new license application. Cruden says she is talking to the municipality in order to resolve the situation. ‘Until 24 January the International Club will stay open for all activities but no alcohol will be served.’

Students and other young people like to end a night out at the ICA because the bar there stays open longer than most Wageningen bars. Besides parties, the club is used for lessons and courses. It can also be hired for private parties. One student who regularly throws parties at the International Club is student of Environmental Sciences Jerry Gumbs. He is ‘really fed up’ that there won’t be any alcohol served for a while. ‘That leaves very few nice places where students can organize a party or go to celebrate something.’ The nice thing about ICA is that it is so spacious, says Gumbs. ‘And there is always good music.’

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  • Rita

    Warom wordt mijn reactie verwijderd? Ik heb ook een mening... is toch gewoon meningsuiting ?

  • Rita

    Waarom kunnen studentenfeesten eigenlijk niet leuk zijn zonder alcohol? Brengt alleen maar ellende en overlast! Wat mij betreft gooien ze de alcoholleeftijd naar 24 als de hersenen ontwikkeld zijn!

    • fret

      in international club zal de gemiddelde leeftijd eerder bij de 30 jaar liggen dan bij de 24 Rita