Wetenschap - 11 april 1996

Promotion of Dutch education in Jakarta

Promotion of Dutch education in Jakarta

The establishment of the Dutch Educational Centre in Jakarta, Indonesia, is now definite. The process of recruiting a director has begun and if everything goes according to plan, the director will start in August 1996." This according to a special issue of the journal Transfer, on the subject of the recruitment of students from Southeast Asia.

The Centre is a joint effort between Nuffic and 33 educational establishments, including WAU, and is intended to look after the interests of these Dutch Institutions on the Indonesian education market. Besides establishing cooperation between Indonesian and Dutch institutions, the promotion of student and staff exchanges and executing consultancy work belong to possible tasks.

WAU has signed on for the coming three years. Its main interest is in the recruitment of Indonesian students for the MSc programmes and more specifically students who can finance themselves and are not dependent on scholarships.