Wetenschap - 12 januari 1995

Ph.D. Wins Prize

Ph.D. Wins Prize

The Ph.D. thesis Miombo Trees and Mycorrhizae" by Dr. Esron Munyanziza received the IFS/King Baudouin Award from the International Foundation for Science in Sweden this past December. The prize is awarded yearly to scientists subsidized by IFS who presented publications of exceptional merit".

Dr. Munyanziza researched under the department of Ecological Agriculture in conjunction with the Biological Station Wijster. The research focused on the tree savannas of South Eastern Tanzania and the symbiotic relationship between root systems fungi mycorrhizae. It is an important research since in this frequently burned and dry terrain, the survival of reforested and replanted seedlings is imperative for African biotic resources. The goal of Dr. Munyanziza's research was contribute to the the development of techniques needed for the silviculture of miombo tree species". Prof. Dr. Oldeman of the Department of Ecological Agriculture, WAU supervisor to Dr. Munyanziza, believes that Dr. Munyanziza's exceptional work warrants praise not only because it was chosen as the best research out of approximately 75 theses, but also for the fact that it was written under extreme circumstances. Dr. Munyanziza, a Ruwandan Tutsi received funding from the IFS which only covered his rese
arch costs. Living allowances were scrounged from private sources.

Despite the fact that during his study, Dr. Munyanziza lost family in the war in Ruwanda, he has overcome despair and gone on to finish an outstanding research. His dutch wife Yvonne Classen and their baby will soon join him in Tanzania.