Wetenschap - 15 februari 1996

Only one MSc programme

Only one MSc programme

The ultimate phase in the process of making the MSc programmes thesis oriented could lead to a situation whereby the WAU does not offer a number distinct MSc programmes but perhaps just one international programme. Based on their own needs, and in discussion with their supervisors, students can compose their own study programme for wich they can make use of all courses that are thaught in English at the WAU or other international education institutes."

This is the advise of the Standing Committee on Education to the Executive Board. The Standing Committee was reacting to the Board's evaluation of the MSc programmes, and the plan to integrate the MSc education into the four education institutes of the regular Dutch study programmes.

The Standing Committee on Education strongly favours the establishment of a separate institute for international education. Acoording to the Committee such institute would also pay an important role in the development of a strong international position of WAU. The University could then be promoted as having a special institute for international MSc students, and not just 200 foreign students mixed in with more than 1000 Dutch students in the four institutes. With respect to this the committee also disagrees with the Board's proposal to abolish MSc programmes with a yearly intake of less than eight students