Wetenschap - 30 maart 1995

On The Verge Of Sustainability

On The Verge Of Sustainability

The Verge is an important magazine for people coming to Europe from developing countries, because it gives a picture of the problems such as the environmental degradation here."

We are not so wonderfully developed as people might think. For sure countries trying to develop should look carefully at how Europe is making serious mistakes", explains Chris Hayes, contributing editor for the magazine The Verge - European Eco-lifestyles and Direct Action. Published by The European Youth For(est) Action, in cooperation with the Youth and Environment Europe, a group of active European youth put the magazine together to promote sustainable lifestyles. The magazine is about lifestyles and action and Chris's home in the Droevendaalsesteeg is no exception. He believes, There are people living there [Droevendaalsesteeg] trying to achieve a more sustainable way of life. Everybody has a garden and we have animals such as chickens, goats and even pigs. Its not exactly a normal student flat. It is a lifestyle where you promote doing things in ways which don't have to degrade the environment. That is why we are trying to put together a delivery bic
ycle (bakfiets) transport system for student transport within Wageningen."

By living out what he believes, Chris wants to share the magazine to show that it is possible to live more sustainably. Information in the Verge won't be found in the mainstream newspapers and on TV", tells Chris. The Verge is a bimonthly English language magazine available since March 21st, in the Uitbuyt World Book Shop, Kapel Straat 13 in Wageningen.