Wetenschap - 31 augustus 1995

Official opening of the 1995-1997 Msc programmes

Official opening of the 1995-1997 Msc programmes

Monday afternoon, August 21st, the official opening of the new Msc programmes took place. Assad Sarwar was the first to welcome the 130 new students. A graduate from the soil and water programme in 1993, he lifted a corner of the veil to give a preview of what the new students can expect besides cold weather in due time. His most important advice was to get a fast bicycle. Furthermore he urged the audience not to be shy but to ask around whenever they have questions or problems.

Afterwards Peter Linde gave a short introduction on computer usage and electronic mail at the University. On August 11th Mr Linde delivered a speech from Wageningen to a congress being held in South Africa by means of a satellite connection. He welcomed the new students by expressing his view that in the future they might not have to come over to Wageningen in order to follow the Msc programmes.

Professor M. Wessel from the department of Tropical Forestry gave the official welcome address on behalf of the Executive Board of the University. He elaborated on the University's structure and, appropriate to his profession, he compared the University with a tree. He ended by expressing his hope that the University staff would act as a new family, especially for those students who had to leave their families behind. That is nice but I prefer my wife, one student mumbled.