Wetenschap - 7 september 1995

New season

New season

Crossroads is an initiative of the chaplaincies for both international and Dutch students aimed at bringing together students with a different cultural and religious background. As Hinne Wagenaar, chaplain for foreign students, enthusiastically explains: What we try to establish in Crossroads is a worldwide society on a small scale. Wageningen is a perfect place for this. Young people of different backgrounds happen to be here at the same time. If you look at the huge problems the world is facing nowadays, I believe that dialogue is a first essential step to counter these problems. It is a challenge to identify our common humanity instead of our differences."

Wagenaar continues: We try to find a balance between a forum for the exchange of experiences and discussion on the one hand, and providing a social meeting place on the other, but it is difficult to combine and to balance these aspects." Besides the two student chaplains the working group which prepares the Crossroads meetings consists of people with different cultural backgrounds. Topics for discussion are chosen according to the interests of the group members or participants in the meetings. Crossroads also organises outings to museums, music festivals and other events which relate to the central idea of Crossroads: cultural and religious exchange.

Theme for the first evening on September 14th is: Sharing our culture and religion. The evening will start with an international dinner from the Horn of Africa. Dinner starts at 6 p.m. in Hotel De Wereld, 5 mei Plein 1. Everyone is welcome.