Nieuws - 7 maart 1996

New examination schedule a drawback for MSc students

New examination schedule a drawback for MSc students

From 1997 onwards, MSc students will have to make sure that they pass every exam right away. A second chance might not be available. Recently the University Council approved of new proposals for restructuring the education schedule.

In the new system the trimesters will be replaced with modules of six weeks rounded off with an examination. In the future there will only be one re-examination period, namely the one in August. Protest and alternative proposals from students to maintain the present examination schedule were not accepted by the Council.

According to Jeanine Hermans, Dean for Foreign Students, MSc students will be worse off in the new situation compared to their Dutch colleagues. Since the MSc programmes only last seventeen months, only one re-examination period is included. An extra complication is that in August many MSc students must be in their home countries executing their fieldwork for their final thesis.

Hermans is afraid that it will become a rule rather than an exception that MSc students will have to make individual arrangements with their teachers to get the opportunity for a re-examination. Hermans concludes: It would be an unfavourable development if the opportunity for a second chance depends on the benevolence of every individual teacher."