Nieuws - 28 september 1995

More money for Netherlands Fellowship Programme

More money for Netherlands Fellowship Programme

Last Tuesday September 19 Queen Beatrix opened the new session of the States General (the Dutch Parliament and Senate) with her annual Speech from the Throne. The third Tuesday of September is called Prinsjes Dag, the day the Dutch government presents its policy and budget for the coming year. In the new budget of the Ministry of Development Cooperation more money will be allocated to the Netherlands Fellowship Programme. This programme consists of three components:

Firstly fellowships for institutes offering international education programmes (MSc programmes, Refresher Courses and the PhD Sandwich programme). For 1996, 1,300 fellowships will be available for 110 different MSc programmes at 14 Dutch International Education Institutes. For the 17 Refresher Courses the budget will rise from DFL 3,3 million in 1995 to 5 million in 1996. For the PhD Sandwich programme additional funds will be allocated to bring the monthly allowance in line with the allowance of a Dutch OIO (onderzoeker in opleiding, or researcher in training).

The second component, the Special Fellowship Programme, is designed to provide tailor made training and courses for individuals or groups of professionals in developing countries. For 1995 DFL 2 million is available. This amount will be raised to 3 million in 1996 and 4 million in 1997. This increase is due to the pressure to make this programme more flexible and create more possibilities for providing training in developing countries themselves.

The coming year the Netherlands Fellowship Programme will be extended with a third, new kind of fellowship. This University Fellowship Programme will start in September 1996 and is for advanced students or MSc graduates. Between 150 and 200 fellowships will be available for short, post-academic courses at Dutch universities or institutes for higher education. For the 1996/97 academic year DFL 2 million is available, which will be increased to 6 million annually in subsequent years. Exactly which programmes and disciplines will offer these fellowships has yet to be decided.