Wetenschap - 8 februari 1996

More formal position for ISP

More formal position for ISP

Possibilities are being created in order to increase international students' participation in WAU's policy making process on international education. According to present plans and discussions the ISP will have the opportunity to participate in policy making on three levels.

The Standing Committee on Education, which is an advisory committee to the Executive Board, is to form a special subcommittee on international education. Prof. Speelman, chair of the Standing Committee confirms that this subcommittee will be operational from February. It will be composed of two or three ISP members, one of the MSc course directors and the vice-chair of the Standing Committee on Education, Professor Niehof. Niehof, explains that a special focus on international education is necessary. She believes that the subcommittee should function as a point of address for people involved in international education at the university. According to Niehof the first meeting will be organised in the coming weeks.

The ISP and the chair of the University Council are also examining the possibility of creating a council committee which would deal with services for international students. The ISP will continue to exist as a platform and to provide support to the ISP members on both committees.