Wetenschap - 9 maart 1995

More courses desired in education

More courses desired in education

Management of Agricultural Knowledge Systems (MAKS) is one of major MSc programmes being offered in Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU). Among others, Agricultural Education: Policy, Organizations, and Challenges is being taught as one of the core courses. This course deals with various pertinent issues of education relating to development in developing countries. By far, this has been one of the most interesting courses in MAKS programme. It was of practical importance and international recognition. Being an introductory course, however, most of the topics had to be left at the level of generality at the end of the term.

It is reckoned that Dedactic Skills is about the only follwo-up course being offered by the Department of Education. Given its practical relevance to the day to day life of the professionals, this course alone seems to attract wide range of other MSc students besides the MAKS students. It teaches the students on how rather than what to train. We feel this type of training would be useful for the teaching staff at any learning centers, probably including WAU. It has relevance not only to formal aspects of teaching, but also in non-formal and informal interaction with people.

The fact that the course in Education seems to interest wide range of students, it would be desirable to have some more advanced follow-up courses in education in areas such as: education research, curriculum development, evaluation in education, which are of practical importance since we feel education is the basis in preparing students for new challenges in development.