Wetenschap - 14 september 1995

Meeting place for foreign students?

Meeting place for foreign students?

The issue of a meeting place for foreign students has once again been raised. Attempts in the past failed because of tight study schedules, shortage of enthusiastic and motivated people to put energy in organisational tasks, and the problem of continuity since most foreign students stay only for a relative short period in Wageningen.

Although he only arrived a few weeks ago, Roberto La Rovere, spokesperson for the foreign students, has taken the lead in establishing a common organisational structure for the interests of foreign students. Roberto explains: I was surprised that no such structure exists in Wageningen. We have approached the International Club and also other student and study associations. We do not want to establish the umpteenth student association competing with the others. A lot of activities are organised already by other associations, like film, live music, theatre and dancing. Our main goal would be to make these more accessible for foreign students by advertising or perhaps co-organising certain evenings. How this can be done we still have to discuss. The target group would be all foreign students: MSc and PhD students and also students in the Tempus, COMETT and Erasmus programmes."

This Friday, September 15th, at 8:00 pm a social gathering will be held at the International Club, Marijkeweg 31. The first meeting to discuss this initiative and possibly establish some form of foreign student committee will take place this Saturday, September 16th, at 2:00 pm at the Deanos Office. Everybody who is willing to put time and effort into this, preferably with organisational skills and experience, is welcome to join.