Wetenschap - 29 juni 1995

Meeting Over Housing

Meeting Over Housing

A top level meeting between the Foundation for Social Housing -Wageningen (SSH-W), the Foreign Students Dean's Office, student representative of the Bornsesteeg star flat Housing Committee and a British PhD researcher, will hopefully bring a positive end to what has been a downward spiral of complicated events and lapses in communication combined with procedural errors, which lead to the departure of the researcher from his accommodation in the Hoevestein.

The problem began as an internal housing issue concerning financial matters. Despite the fact that the issue was internally solved at a house meeting, ill-feelings between the house mates resulted in the researcher moving out. In the meantime the SSH-W had invited the student to a meeting. Due to lapses in communication, however, that meeting never occurred, and the student felt that he was being subjected to investigation, despite the fact that the SSH-W and the Dean's office consider it normal procedure to meet individually with all parties when difficulties between housemates are reported.

Things progressed to the point where the foreign student sent a letter of complaint to the Advisory Commission at the SSH-W, highlighting his frustrations with how the SSH-W had handled his case. Not all members of the commission saw the letter, but the chairperson, having realized that no meeting between the student and the SSH-W had been held, returned matters to the SSH-W and Dean's office to sort out. At the top level meeting last week, the SSH-W admitted that procedural errors had been made, and it was decided that the matter would be reexamined in full.