Wetenschap - 21 december 1995

MSc student accommodation

MSc student accommodation

Present practice in room allotment by accommodation office SSHW is that students only find out what kind of accommodation they will have when they arrive in Wageningen. In a meeting between the ISP and representatives from the SSHW the ISP members expressed their view that foreign students should be allowed to state a preference for the kind of room they want before they arrive. According to the SSHW this should be possible, though they can give no guarantee. Furthermore, it would be up to the Dean's office to send a questionnaire to students before they come to Wageningen. The number of self contained rooms, which are most popular among foreign students, is very limited. The question is whether it would make any difference to state a preference if requests simply cannot be granted by the SSHW.

Dutch students may state a preference, but for this group accommodation allotment is quite different. Foreign students can be sure that at least a room will be available for them upon arrival. Dutch students are usually put on a waiting list for some time. On the other hand they have easier access to alternative ways of finding accommodation and more time to wait for the stated preference to become vacant.

The number of international students in SSHW accommodation has risen rapidly in the past few years. In 1990 only 50 students occupied SSHW rooms. This year the figure has risen to 350.