Wetenschap - 20 april 1995

MSc Students WAU win Challenge Cup

MSc Students WAU win Challenge Cup

A delegation of MSc students from the WAU won the Challenge Cup at the International Students Sports Day, on April 8th at the ISS (Institute of Social Studies) in The Hague. It was the first time the WAU students won the overall competition; the university competed against the other teams for the third time. The annual Sports Day, which takes place every spring, was attended by students from the ITC Enschede, IHE (Institute for Hydraulic Engineering) Delft, RNTC (Radio Nederland Training Centre) Hilversum, and the WAU.

Wageningen won the indoor soccer competition; it managed to beat one other team by 26-0 in twenty-five minutes. The Wageningen basketball team won all their games, and the table tennis team managed to maintain its first place from last year. The volleyball team was second, the badminton team third and the chess players ended in fourth position. Normally, other institutes for International Education also participate, but a lot of students were already away doing fieldwork.

In total some 350 participants enjoyed an active day, cheered on by almost 200 supporters. Only five supporters from Wageningen attended the Sports Day, but this may change after the good results. The WAU is now being asked to organise next year's International Sports Day, tells Ankie Lamberts from the Wageningen Dean's Office. She is not sure whether the WAU will respond positively to this request, as it involves offering accommodation and food to the six hundred students who will attend the Sports Day.