Wetenschap - 29 augustus 1996

Last minute increase in number MSc students

Last minute increase in number MSc students

During the official opening of the 1996-1998 MSc programmes on Monday August 19th, Rector Karssen announced that 175 students from 57 different countries will start their studies this September at Wageningen Agricultural University (WAU).

According to Jeanine Hermans, Dean for international students, the increase over the last month is mainly due to the newest programme Tourism, Recreation & Leisure. With 17 students this has immediately become one of the biggest programmes. The total number of new students might even reach 200, due to last minute registrations and the additional students for the Geographical Information Systems and Urban Environmental Management programmes, who will arrive later this term.

30% of the students are from Africa, 32% from Europe, 29% from Asia, 6% from Latin America and the remaining 3% are from Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America. 30% of the students are female, 70% male.