Wetenschap - 2 november 1995



I was disappointed reading the wrong interpretation of my words in the article East European scientists cannot live by passion alone.

That is completely true: East European scientists cannot live by passion alone, like all other scientists over the world. Scientific community has common problems, they are unfortunately more or less general. However in Eastern Europe these problems are expressed more vividly. I was asked: Do you think you are cheap? My answer was No, I do not think so, because all of us are cheap. I meant the whole scientific community, all research scientists, because everywhere Postdoc salaries are not high. People who work in science do not expect to have big money. But I never said that I am cheap labour here and I will be cheap everywhere. I work here in the perfect laboratory with the perfect facilities and I can go on with my research in the field of anaerobic microbiology and improve my professional skills. I appreciate it very much.

I think journalists have to be more attentive and careful with quotations.