Nieuws - 14 maart 1996

International student sports day in Wageningen

International student sports day in Wageningen

Except for one squash player, who we will borrow from another team, the Wageningen MSc student team is now complete. The only other thing we need is a crowd of supporters to cheer on our team of course," says Ankie Lamberts of the Dean's Office for Foreign Students.

Saturday 16 March, fifty MSc students from WAU will compete with teams from seven other Institutes for International Education in the Netherlands. The best team will take home the Challenge Cup.

Although the event has taken place each year since 1980, WAU has only participated for the last three years. Last year, however, WAU's international student team won the contest.

This year the International Student Sports day will be held for the first time in Wageningen. It is being organised by the sports centre De Bongerd, and WAU's sports foundation (SLW) in cooperation with the Dean's office. Lamberts' experience is that this day is special for many students, since it brings together students from the same countries studying at different institutes in the Netherlands. Approximately 500 students and supporters will take part in the sports day. The day finishes with a disco in de Leeuwenborch, which is open to everybody.