Wetenschap - 31 augustus 1995

International Student Panel

International Student Panel

The in's and out's of the International Student Panel (ISP) were introduced to the new MSc students at the official opening of the 1995 - 1997 Msc programmes on Monday August 21st. Ms Susanna Rijninks, chairwoman ISP made the introduction: The ISP is an official body through which foreign students at Wageningen Agricultural University can participate in and influence the policy of the University. It is important that your voice can be heard. Not only matters regarding the study programmes can be put forward in the ISP, in principle every point of concern for foreign students can be discussed. Whenever it is desirable or necessary, the ISP can advise the University Council or directly approach the responsible persons or authorities."

The ISP was established in 1991, on the initiative of Msc students. The University Council asked the Committee of Student Services (CSV) to formalize the contact with the ISP. In the past the ISP has not always functioned as intended. As Ms Rijninks reports, Panel members usually face tight study schedules and often do not have sufficient time to devote to ISP activities. Besides, it often takes a long time to get agenda points through the University's bureaucracy. This has often had a discouraging effect on the ISP's members. To overcome the time shortage one idea is to meet over dinner."

Since the ISP represents all Msc students, the panel strives for an even distribution of representatives from all 12 programmes: usually one or two students from each discipline. There will be an introductory meeting on Saturday afternoon September 16th. Interested students can contact the ISP (Tel. 83865 or 22081) or the Dean's Office.