Wetenschap - 5 oktober 1995

Interdisciplinary lecture series

Interdisciplinary lecture series

Four WAU departments: Forestry, Soil & Water Conservation, Soil Science & Geology and the Department of Terrestrial Ecology and Nature Conservation are organising an interdepartmental course with the title: Degradation of natural resources: Concepts and processes. The course programme comprises seven lectures and a concluding workshop. The information brochure states the objective of the course: To present an interdisciplinary, state of knowledge overview about the nature and processes of natural resource degradation.

As F. Wiersum from the Department of Forestry and coordinator for this course points out: The course was originally set up to discuss the developments and progress of the Sahel programme. This programme was established in 1985 with the idea that the problems in the Sahel region should be analyzed and dealt with using a coherent and integrated approach. This multidisciplinary programme aims at the restoration and development of agriculture and food production in the region." Wiersum adds: In this course concepts such as carrying capacity will be reconsidered and new concepts in land-use analysis will be presented."

For the occasion Dr R. Behnke from the Overseas Development Institute in London will deliver the lectures on the afternoons of 17th and 18th October, and participate in the workshop on 19th October. Behnke, temporarily in Wageningen on a University fellowship (VCW), is an expert on issues of land use and carrying capacity in semi-arid regions. For a detailed programme see WUB 28 or contact F. Wiersum at the Department of Forestry, telephone 82545.