Nieuws - 15 juni 1995

ISS Strike Suspended: Solution in Sight

ISS Strike Suspended: Solution in Sight

The first ever strike by foreign PhD scholars in the Netherlands was suspended on May 18th. PhD students at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague voted to suspend their three week old strike action.

This had begun as a result of the breakdown in negotiations between the students and the ISS management regarding increases in monthly stipends given to PhD candidates. On May 18th the ISS administration agreed to bring these in line with the Dutch AIO and OIO salaries, and came with the offer of searching for an internal interim solution. As a result the scholars called off the strike. The interim solution took the form of a proposal by the executive council for an in-house adjustment, to be called a teaching and research allowance, whereby the May allowance would be retroactively topped up by 300 Dfl.

ISS Management also informed the PhD candidates that a meeting would be held with Minister Pronk from the Ministry of Development Cooperation. This meeting took place on May 29th, and was attended by PhD student A. Gabriel: We discussed the issues, and Minister Pronk indicated that we would be informed of his decision before July 1st. He did not say what the increase will be, but action will be taken to find a structural solution. Steps are now being taken to find solutions and the ISS has acknowledged our demands, and that is why the strike has been suspended."

One last titbit to round off the saga: the ISS PhD students received notice on June 2nd that they will no longer need to request permission to make telephone calls within the Netherlands.