Wetenschap - 2 maart 1995

ISP Threatened by Master Plan

ISP Threatened by Master Plan

First point on the agenda of the February 22 meeting of the International Student Panel (ISP) was news that the University Board's Master Plan includes cuts in funding for the position of a student chairperson for the Permanent Student Commission (CSV) and ISP. As current chairwoman Wanda Bemmelmans told the members gathered, The foreign student body's only form of representation at the university's administrative level would not be run by a student next year, according to the Master Plan. It would be taken over by Chairman of the University Council (CSV)."

Though this is supposedly an independent body which does not represent the administration, Bemmelmans is adamant in her opinion that Somebody who is not a student would be less appropriate to handle the problems and concerns of the students". Bemmelmans continues, There are a couple of issues at stake here. Foreign students have different needs from Dutch students. The ISP is only 2 years old but we've seen that it is vital for the MSc students to have a voice in the university. Now one of the problems could be that if the Chairman of the University council has too little time for the ISP or does not delegate the responsibility to someone else, then maybe they will cancel the ISP altogether."

Revelation of such a plan led the discussion to the evaluation of the ISP. Second year students voiced their concern that first year students should become more involved in making the ISP more of a priority.