Nieuws - 21 maart 1996

IHE Delft wins Challenge Cup

IHE Delft wins Challenge Cup

Over seventy different nationalities participated in the International Students Sports Day in Wageningen last Saturday, March 16. Seven institutes for international education in the Netherlands sent sports teams of 50 players each to sports centre De Bongerd.

Being, of course, an enthusiastic supporter of anything of Wageningen origin, I decided to attend the matches where the WAU team was playing. The first basketball match between WAU and the Institute for Housing Studies (IHS) was a true feast for the eye. WAU excelled in good teamwork and beautiful feints. Wageningen easily won, with a score of 77 to 22 points. Further along in the sports hall it turned out that Wageningen had already won the first three singles matches and one doubles game in the Badminton contest.

The only problem was that there were hardly any supporters for the WAU team. Luckily, the other institutes had brought along enthusiastic supporters. Chanting, cheering and blowing horns, they definitely got the mood going in the sports hall.

A complete contrast was the atmosphere in the back room of the Bongerd, where the chess tournament was already under way. Serene silence and smoke surrounded the contestants, who appeared to be lost in thought. WAU students are apparently allergic to these conditions, since no team from Wageningen was to be seen.

Arriving at the table tennis venue, I immediately spotted a student from WAU in an IHS outfit. A student of Urban Environmental Management, she proudly declared to be loyal to the housing part of her study. It did not matter. Wageningen won the table tennis contest anyway.

In de Aanloop the Wageningen indoor-football team was playing a winning game against IHS, ending with a score of 4 to 0.

After the lunch break I sped off in high spirits to sports hall Rustenburg where the volleyball competition was in progress.

However, watching the game between WAU and IHE felt like having a tooth pulled without anaesthetic. We played a bit messily," one of the players admitted. WAU's reputation was at stake.

After returning to the Bongerd for the finals I learned that Wageningen also lost the squash tournament, coming bottom of the table.

In the course of the afternoon it became clear that IHE from Delft already had the cup in their pocket. The main question was in which position Wageningen would finish. By eight oclock in that evening the party in the canteen of the Leeuwenborch was in full swing. Only with a lot of effort could Rector Karssen make himself heard during the prize ceremony. Wageningen finished second, ITC from Enschede third and RNTC from Hilversum received the fair play cup.