Student - August 17, 2018

Good on your CV – and fun too!

Your studies are important, of course. But the classroom isn’t the only place where you can learn a lot.

Study Associations…

… are not just great for drinks parties but also extremely useful later in life! Because the person you have a beer with now might help you get that internship or job later. Almost every degree programme has an association, and you can be as actively involved as you like. So whether you want to get experience on a board or you just fancy a drink now and then: the study association is always a good idea!

Student societies…

… are known chiefly for their hazing rituals, drinking and partying. But there’s a lot else you can do there besides drinking. A lot of societies have their own little groups and committees for things like making the society more sustainable, supporting charities or doing voluntary work. Have a look on page 26 and 27 to see which student society suits you.

Student Council

Do you want to help decide on the course the university takes in future? And help think through the issues in education, housing and internationalization? Then you should get involved in one of the three parties on the Student Council: The Christian Student Party (CSF), Sustainability & Internationalization (S&I) or United Students (VeSte). The Student Council represents all students and has the right to veto the Executive Board’s plans. The students on the Council also advise the Board and come up with initiatives of their own.

Green Office

Are you passionate about sustainability? Then the Green Office is the place for you. They help you to implement green initiatives at the university, or match you with sustainable assignments on your degree course. Join the team and make your impact green!


Would you prefer to set to work as an entrepreneur? The StartHub is the place to learn how to go about it. From training and coaching by experts to help with your business plan and microcredit. Bonus: free coffee and a pinball machine.

Internships and jobs

Ø AIESEC helps you find international internships and voluntary work.

Ø At Unipartners you can work as a consultant and find vacancies for management jobs and traineeships.

You can find more information about study associations, student societies and the Student Council on