Nieuws - 21 maart 1996

GIS applications in land resource studies

GIS applications in land resource studies

Course evaluation

  • J050-246
  • Three credit points
  • Teachers: dr ir W.G. Wielemaker, dr ir H.P.A. Eweg, dr ing H.W.G. Booltink, dr ir A. Stein and dr G.F. Epema.
  • Limited choice for L50 orientation Spatial soil science
  • Computer practical
  • Evaluated: January 1996

    Positively experienced aspects

  • Both teachers and students appreciate that the course fulfils a need, as it is one of the few courses in which the theory of GIS and land evaluation is actually applied.
  • Students are quite motivated, which is important because there is a lot of repetition and hard work.
  • You learn about the complex model ArcInfo best by struggling with it and the students gained a lot of practical experience with the package.
  • The reader is very well written.

    Problems and solutions

  • Students don't have enough overview of the macro level. Next time the practical will start with a general introduction to the subject, in order to give the students an idea of the data sets used. The learning by doing approach will be abandoned for the macro level.
  • There is not enough discussion between students and teachers. The evaluation every afternoon will be more focused on the problems students face themselves. The answers of the previous day will be handed out and problems of students discussed.
  • The starting level of students varies too much. An extra, non-compulsory paragraph will be added at the beginning of each chapter, addressing the ArcInfo skills needed to perform the exercises in that chapter.

    Subject evaluations appearing in this column have been carried out by students using the WSO interview method. Students are supervised by the Department of Agricultural Education.