Wetenschap - 16 maart 1995

Foreign Women In Wageningen

Foreign Women In Wageningen

On Friday March 17th, 20:00, the Wageningen Union of Volunteers Reception Committee for Foreign Women will gather at the home of Francoise Oomen, Oosteeg 133 in Wageningen, for a craft evening where one can learn Hindelope's painting technique.

The group began more than 30 years ago but is still going strong, planning monthly events for foreign women. Approximately 10-50 women take part in the gatherings which range from Dutch cooking lessons to museum visits, field trips and cultural shows. As Chairwoman Hank Kessler explains, The idea is to get to know people and share in our international experiences. Any woman is free to join in the activities but we appreciate being called in advance. We have refugees, students, PhD candidates, and partners of people who are here in Wageningen for one reason or another. It is an especially good opportunity for Moslem women to enjoy a social gathering in a comfortable environment."

For transportation call Ilse Oyen, tel 16787 or Laksmi Ramalu tel 24419 before 12:00 March 17th.