Nieuws - 9 december 2019

Food technology and WUR

Kaavya Raveendran

An international student’s life can be full of surprises given the drastic change in environment but also because it takes adjusting to a brand-new education system. That’s why our blogger Kaavya Raveendran will talk about the education at WUR and share some insights from her experience of coping with it. Kaavya followed her master’s in Food Technology with specialization in Sensory science.

© Sven Menschel

WUR, undoubtedly, is known for its food studies. Rightly so, due to the vast range of courses that are offered and the top level of research that takes place. Food technology was an ideal choice for me, and after pursuing it I am nothing but impressed with the course structure. Firstly, one can choose from a wide variety of options. From very technical subjects, like Food structuring or Molecular gastronomy, to very application-oriented subjects, like Food innovation management and Product & process design. It is extremely convenient to draft your study planning as per your aptitude. 

Secondly, the depth with which the courses are taught is adequate, with the freedom to dive deeper with the help of the course and literature materials provided by the lecturers. The framework of each course is planned in such a way that the knowledge is applied through either a group work project or practical work. The exams are also designed to test the student’s understanding and ability to apply the concepts. This way WUR successfully covers all bases and makes sure that the student passes with almost all that there is to know. 

Only patience, perseverance and persistent efforts can keep the boat sailing

Thirdly, what I particularly liked was how including a compulsory thesis and internship as part of the course puts the cherry on the cake. The thesis project triggers your scientific thinking and internship gives you just the right level of training to be able to enter the industry. All in all, once you graduate you are the perfect recipe to being job-ready or can confidently kickstart as a researcher. Some courses are arranged in collaboration with food companies. Working on industrial assignments and presenting results further boosts the student’s confidence.  

Clearly, you can make out that I am very happy with my decision to have studied at WUR. Also, I must add that it can be a challenging road. Some courses like Advanced statistics and Transfer processes have a popular image for being a hard shell to crack. But only patience, perseverance and persistent efforts can keep the boat sailing. An added tip is to always keep your curiosity high and try not to be consumed by stress. Proper time management and hard work is the secret to successfully attaining your degree from WUR. So, good luck!