Wetenschap - 15 juni 1995

European Masters New Initiative

European Masters New Initiative

Studying agricultural economics abroad was the topic of a briefing meeting that took place at the Leeuwenborch on June 7th. Dr. Alison Burrell, from the Department of Agricultural Economics, outlined a new WAU initiative, the European Masters Programme in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness.

Geared towards enriching the academic experience of good students, this exchange programme is a joint effort between five universities: Christian Albrechts University in Kiel (Germany), University of Reading (UK), 342cole Nationale Superieure in Rennes (France), University of Siena (Italy) and the WAU. The WAU has played a leading role in arranging the cooperation between the various institutions and has also supplied some of the first students to take part in the exchange programme. The international flavour of the programme may extend beyond those five countries, as Dr. Burrell explains, The European Masters Programme in Agricultural Economics is for students already registered for an MSc or equivalent study programme in one of the five institutions. In principle, this certainly includes foreign students in the WAU agricultural economics programme, although it remains to be seen whether foreign students are prepared to uproot themselves a second time. Yet it could well be a
worthwhile opportunity for highly motivated students".

The student is required to spend at least four months at one of the partner institutions, where he or she will earn credits by successfully completing selected courses. Proficiency in the language of instruction abroad is a pre-requisite. Admission to the programme depends on the student's performance at his or her home institutions. Upon successful completion of the main degree, the student also receives the European Masters Certificate in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Although the programme is just beginning, organisers are confident that the European Masters Certificate will soon gain a reputation as a label of excellence.