Nieuws - 26 oktober 1995

English Summary

English Summary

  • The WAU wants to concentrate its nineteen graduate courses and twelve MSc courses in four educational institutes. The boards of these institutes will receive a budget from the University Council which has to be divided among the programmes. They also have to control the quality and budget of the programmes. In practise they have to implement budget cuts because the Executive Board has lowered the expenditure for education.

  • The evolution theory doesn't explain the variety of species or the diversity of forms, says the English biologist Brian Goodwin, who was in Wageningen last week. Evolution has no other goal than self expression of organisms; chaos in individuals is a sign of healthiness. Goodwin is studying the physical aspects that determine the shape of living material. An extremly regular system, in which everything is organised perfectly, cannot adapt to a changing environment. Survival isn't a goal in itself, it is only a condition for self expression."

  • The WAU wants to attract more students, but their choice of favourite university is often coincidental, says W. Wijnen, professor in didactics at the University of Maastricht. He will present a speech in Wageningen next week. The main aspect of studying is what the students want to learn. This sounds logical, but very often the teacher is only talking about things he wants to present. You have to turn around the situation: not the departments but the students should direct the course's content. That's what good education is all about."

  • Students and personnel at the WAU who are confronted with undesirable behaviour or sexual intimidation, can contact a trusted representative at the university. A lot of problems at the university are caused by a lack of communication, respect and good manners between people", says Tineke de Boer, the student's representative. Female students, who can contact Martie Wagenaar, have sometimes chosen another course of programme because they were sexually intimidated by lecturers. We are not there to solve the problems or to grease the situation, but to mediate", says agent Wagenaar.