Wetenschap - 11 juli 1996

English Summary

English Summary

  • The WUB is taking its summer vacation at the end of this week and has therefore reviewed some books in the fields of science and leisure. If you want to have a look at the architecture of gardens in Wageningen and the surrounding area, buy the guide to Dutch garden and landscape architecture, by Carla Oldenburger. The book is in Dutch, so it might be more useful to have a look at the exhibition in the Wageningen museum about the local arboretum, which is a hundred years old this year.

  • John Brockman's The third culture, beyond the scientific revolution is a fascinating book about the borders between science and philosophy, postulating the thesis that natural scientists like Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Dawkins are taking over the role of traditional social scientists in formulating definitions of mankind.

  • The WAU is still awaiting the proposal of Minister of Agriculture Van Aartsen on the planned merger between the University and DLO agricultural institutes. WAU alumnus Peter Folstar, board member of the TNO technical research institute, is afraid that a merger will blur the different objectives of WAU and DLO. The University wants the best scientists, while DLO wants people who understand the research market. We have a clear mission at TNO - we are the intermediate between the universities and our customers."

  • The WAU and other universities have to improve the standard of their education, because students' grants have been cut and they can no longer afford delays. The Minister of Agriculture has reserved two million guilders for the improvements, but a committee rejected the WAU project proposals. The committee is not satisfied with the plans for modular courses put forward by WAU. However, most departments have already finalised their plans on this subject. These projects must continue, says WAU Rector Karssen.