Nieuws - 5 september 1996

Dutch history in English

Dutch history in English

Our aim is to provide a structural and constructive understanding of the society and country into which international students are dropped. We hope that the new course Meeting the Netherlands; a historical acquaintance caters for the needs for international students," says Jan Bieleman, lecturer of the department of Agrarian History.

For many of the new international students this is their first time in the Netherlands or even in Europe. During the general introduction period students learn about the phenomena of culture shock and adjustment. Bieleman explains that the course can also help smooth the process of adjustment for the new students a little.

Bieleman and his colleagues have designed a course which gives some insight in the historical background of various aspects of Dutch culture. Although the course will focus on the historical developments of Dutch agriculture and geographical aspects, other features including state & policy and trade & industry will be reviewed. The department has chosen for a short course at the beginning of the academic year. In this way international students can benefit from it right away. The course is offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, to make it easier for MSc students to fit the course into their schedules and attend the lectures.

The course ends on October 26 with an excursion to the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. This museum contains reconstructions of farmhouses and other features of Dutch folk history set in attractive parkland.